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‘The Cloud’ – Canberra Tech Talks

by on Aug.02, 2012, under Blog

Tonight I led a discussion at Canberra Tech Talks on ‘The Cloud’.

Canberra Tech Talks are informal discussions/talks for anyone interested in technical topics, regardless of their level of expertise. We encourage curious n00bs and seasoned experts alike. 🙂 The talks are designed to make complex topics accessible without either oversimplifying or ‘talking down’ to participants. It’s a safe space to ask questions, and as much of a jargon-free zone as possible.

Tonight’s discussion was wide-ranging, covering everything from the basics what ‘the cloud’ actually means, to issues of privacy and security in light of the current (Australian) Parliamentary Inquiry into potential reforms of National Security Legislation.

Talks are usually livetweeted using the #CanberraTechTalks hashtag.

My prepared notes for this evening’s discussion are linked below for those who want a little more detail on the topic, and have a couple of links to further reading.

The Cloud – Canberra Tech Talks


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